Reach a Child’s Soul - Transform a life

Awareness of
Inclusivity, Diversity & Acceptance

TOLEY RANZ is LOVE for self and others, it is LOVE for honor and respect, and- it is THE awesome Social-Emotional
Learning Tool Advancing Equality, Diversion, and
Inclusion Through Kids’ emotional Well-Being

Hello there- it's me

WOOSH away sadness! Let me show you how to bring in feel-good feelings ! Yes, together we can do this-

• Boost emotional Well-being
• Develop productive social skills
• Prevent being bullied
• Awaken curiosity for learning

Come Toley Ranz with us! Be happy!

Discover what "toleyranzing" really means!

TOLEY RANZ Program is a social and educational approach designed to reach out to the exceptional Parent. Toley Ranz, the talking plush toy, IS the surprisingly powerful tool teaching Kids how to overcome emotional upheavals, and how to stand-up for themselves.  Toley Ranz encourages Kids to listen to their gut-feeling.

The TOLEY RANZ Program is specially created
for children Pre-K to Grade 4, assisting in building a solid foundation of self-worth, self-belief, and strong sense of wrong & right.

Our Mission is to provide tools and means for Children to embrace love and respect, to boost their self-esteem, self-belief, self-power, and self-value, and to unlock their given potential. Moreover, we want Kids to feel good about themselves,  and help Parents to help their Kids  to become ‘fluent’ in inclusion, acceptance, and diversity. These essential values must be an integral part of education overall. We are here to help.

We are committed to fostering children’s inner strength to counter and diffuse bullying, so they will rise above negative influences at school, at home, and at play. We are committed  to fostering calm learning environments.

We believe that Children need to have opportunities to learn to trust themelves and blossom into emotional healthy yongsters and teens. Toley Ranz is here to help.

We are committed to:

Helping Parents and Grandparents
during a most challenging time
Strengthen Children’s inner resolve,
and instill feel-good feelings about themelves
Making sure that Kids grow up emotionally healthy, live fear-free,
and accept others for whom they are
Providing a steady stream of
helpful information on free program implementation for PreK-4 classrooms



At present, please donate any
amount via your PayPal/ our email

We are re-grouping! Thanks for understanding


At present, please donate any
amount via your PayPal/ our email

We are re-grouping! Thanks for understanding

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