Toley Ranz Program – Complete Instructional Manual

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Detailed Implementation Manual/Guide & Instructions

·       Effective Parent Strategy, Self-Care, with bonus ‘ABCs of Life’ 54 pg.

·       Toley Ranz character cut-out image

·       3 Toley Ranz story books, audio/video

·       Repurposing Kids’ Artwork

·       10-Point Honor Code Poster

·       Honor Code Activity Book

·       Reward Cards collection

·       Toley Ranz Certificate

·       “Play with Toley” book, a collection of word searches,

·       Puzzles, number challenges, find differences, crosswords,

·       Toley Ranz’ Coloring book- always a freebie

Sick ‘n tired of your children being bullied? Then this is what your family needs- the complete BEFORE approach. The Toley Ranz Bullying Prevention program has everything you need to put into practice and raise strong kids in a ‘screwed-up world’ before bullying happens.

The Instructional manual provides specific steps for parents’ self-care and impactful strategies benefitting their young children’s emotional well-being, inner strength, and self-belief BEFORE negativities can reach them. The focus on BEFORE is the key component to stop bullying.

“… what makes The Psst-Psst of Toley Ranz books unique is that they empower readers to stop bullying before it starts—prevention is the name of the game!”

The Psst-Psst of Toley Ranz program is a comprehensive approach designed to empower parents in raising resilient and confident children, equipping them with the tools they need to prevent bullying before it even begins. The rich teaching and learning material consists of books, videos, audio, and print material. Here’s a breakdown of the instructional manual’s key components:

Parental Self-Care: The bullying prevention organization emphasizes the importance of parents taking care of their own well-being first. It recognizes that parents who are emotionally and mentally healthy are better equipped to support their children effectively. The manual provides specific self-care strategies and bullying advice for parents tailored to busy parents, including mindfulness exercises, stress management techniques, and avenues for seeking support when needed.

Building Emotional Resilience in Children: The program focuses on nurturing emotional resilience in children from a young age. It offers practical strategies for parents to help their children identify and manage their emotions effectively. This includes teaching children healthy coping mechanisms, such as deep breathing exercises, positive self-talk, and problem-solving skills.

Fostering Inner Strength: The manual provides guidance and step-by-step on how parents can foster self-belief in their children, helping them develop a strong sense of self-worth and confidence. This involves encouraging children to embrace their unique qualities, set and achieve goals, and cultivate a positive mindset. Parents are encouraged to praise their children’s efforts and achievements, reinforcing their belief in themselves.

Promoting Self-Belief: The program emphasizes the importance of instilling a strong sense of self-belief in children, empowering them to stand up for themselves and others. Parents are encouraged to engage in open and honest communication with their children, actively listening to their concerns and validating their experiences. The manual provides strategies for parents to help their children build resilience to negative influences and develop a healthy sense of self-esteem.

Prevention is BEFORE and is the Focus: The core principle of the program is prevention. By equipping parents and children with the necessary skills and mindset to address bullying before it occurs, the program aims to create a culture of respect and empathy. Through proactive intervention and fostering a supportive home environment, parents can effectively mitigate the risk of their children experiencing bullying.

Overall, the Toley Ranz BEFORE Program manual empowers parents to take proactive steps in raising strong and resilient children who are equipped to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and compassion. By prioritizing prevention and focusing on building a foundation of emotional well-being and self-belief, parents can effectively stop bullying before it even begins.

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Here the resources as in manual:

1. Effective Parent Strategy, Self-Care

2. Parents Essential Values to Self-Empowerment

3. Toley Ranz 3in1 “The Purple Pencil” Story Book

4. Toley’s 10-Point Honor Code Poster

5. Honor Code Activity Book

6. Honor Code Reward Cards Collection

7. Toley Ranz Character cut-out Image

8. Toley Ranz Certificate

9. Toley Ranz’ Coloring Book

10.Repurposing Kids’ Artwork

11.Color Me Shapes

12.Color Me Toley Ranz