Privacy Policy

We respect Parents’ Rights.
We fully comply with COPPA.

Our website and services are entirely for your entertainment and education and
directed to parents guiding their children (5-10). The subject matter of the site
and/or services are solely educational and are presented as visual and audio
content. We use animated characters in child-oriented pro-social activities and
incentives as well.

  1. We do NOT collect personal information from children.
  2. Our sign-up form stipulates the signee to be older than 13.
  3. Parents who sign-up for our program material (directed to children 5-10) are
    asked to provide their name and email; this is for the sole purpose of
    providing access to free and paid material.
  4. Should we have to contact you by phone, SMM, we ask you to supply your
    phone number.
  5. We only share your information within our company.
  6. If parental approval is needed in any case/situation, we connect via a video
    conference for verification and to receive verifiable consent from a parent or
  7. We honor parents’ rights.
  8. We do not make any personal information public in any way.
  9. We do not use outside (third party) advertising.
  10. If you click on YouTube link, while you’re on our site, then that website may
    be able to collect similar information from your device. We do not control
    these websites and are not responsible for them.
  11. Should we want to use Your information for other purposes, such as data
    analysis, identifying usage trends, determining the effectiveness of our
    promotional campaigns and to evaluate and improve our Service, products,
    services, marketing and your experience, we will connect with you prior for