Effective Parent strategy, SELF-CARE (E-Book)

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Don’t Be Furious – Be Curious! This 60-Page E-Book Was Carefully Created For Those Of You Who Raise Children Through Difficult Times. Remember, you come first!


“Effective Parent Strategy, Self-Care’ – This 60-Page E-Book was carefully created for those of you who raise children through difficult times. Remember, you come first!

“Parents, Don’t Be Furious – Be Curious!” is designed specifically for those navigating the challenges of raising children in difficult times. It emphasizes the importance of self-care for parents, urging them to prioritize their own well-being while also being attentive to their children’s needs. The e-book suggests that maintaining a calm and curious attitude can be more effective than reacting with anger or frustration.

Here are some key points highlighted in the e-book. Self-care comes first: Parents are encouraged to prioritize their own mental and emotional health, recognizing that they must take care of themselves to effectively care for their children. They are also encouraged to practice meditation or a ‘still-moment’ a day to incorporate mindfulness practices into daily routines as a way to manage stress and maintain emotional balance.

You’re okay, they’re okay: This mantra reminds parents that both they and their children are fundamentally okay, even amidst challenging situations. It encourages a perspective of resilience and optimism.

Parents as role models are reminded of their role as models for their children’s behavior. By demonstrating patience, empathy, and problem-solving skills, parents can teach valuable lessons to their children. The e-book takes parents step-by-step through activities and guides into soul balance.

Parents are encouraged to help their children develop self-confidence, build self-empowerment, and assertiveness skills, which can help them navigate tricky situations like bullying.

Focusing on Children’s Emotional Well-Being BEFORE ‘things’ happen through the Effective Parents’ Self-Care approach is bullying advice for parents and is a significant part of the Toley Ranz program’s impactful strategies to raise strong kids in a ‘screwed-up world’.

The BEFORE Approach forces us to look at the source of bullying as well. What causes a child to bully, to tease, to be mean and ugly? In most cases, bullying is a defense mechanism to get back at ‘someone’. And because that someone is too big and powerful to get back at, the hurt child turns into the schoolyard bully seeking out younger, more vulnerable kids and classmates. And that vulnerability can be turned into inner strength.

Therefore, Parents let’s pull into the same direction by stopping to complain and getting involved- meaning, embracing the Toley Ranz BEFORE approach for young children. Toley Ranz is here to help YOU!

Prevention begins with YOUR Self-Care; moreover, through proactive parenting such as the BEFORE approach in the Toley Ranz bullying prevention program, promotes a proactive approach to parenting, suggesting that addressing issues early on in life and fostering open communication can help prevent problems from escalating.

Overall, Parents, the e-book “Effective Parent Strategy, Self-Care” provides bullying advice for parents, practical advice and strategies for parents facing the challenges of raising children in today’s world. By prioritizing self-care, maintaining a positive outlook, and actively engaging with their children, parents can foster healthy development and resilience in their families.