10 - Point Honor Code of Conduct

1. Accepting others for who they are shows Tolerance

2. Keeping a promise and being truthful are matters of honor

3. Being respectful means being kind and considerate

4. Not hurting oneself nor others is a given

5. Not using foul or degrading language shows strength

6. Carrying responsibility for one's actions is awesome

7. Not taking drugs is being COOL

8. Giving one's best at all times means being a leader

9. Listening to others and hearing what the say is most important

10. Being a positive role model is using postive attitudes

TOLEY RANZ Stops Bullying10-Point
Honor Code of Conduct, Workbook & ACTIVITIES

The Toley Ranz Bullying Prevention program teaches respect and understanding, accepting others with inclusivity, tolerance, diversity, and focuses on children’s emotional growth and development. The ten guidelines are for home, class and play.

The Toley Ranz Bullying prevention program aims to create a supportive and respectful environment by teaching children values such as respect, understanding, inclusivity, tolerance, and acceptance of diversity. Below is the suggested Toley Ranz 10-point Honor Code of Conduct, along with workbook activities that can be incorporated into daily activities..

Each of the points in the Honor Code are pro-social skill and tool prerequisite every child needs to be exposed to; moreover, parents are the frontlines of prevention meaning they are the teachers of those valuable skills and tools, like kindness and consideration, regardless of differences.

Each of the points in the Honor Code help parents to focus on teaching a value, a skill, social norm children easily identify with because Toley Ranz, a child’s magical companion, embraces those values.

social skills for kids

Each of the points in the Honor Code are promoted by Toley Ranz who is the cheerleader for the Honor Code and entices kids with the Reward card collection and certificate.

Each of the points in the Honor Code are most valuable to parents who can print and place them as reminders on the fridge 😊

Embracing Diversity is celebrating differences among individuals and learning from each other’s unique backgrounds and experiences. Creating a collage or presentation showcasing various cultures, traditions, and perspectives is truly practicing empathy. Try to understand how others feel and show compassion towards those who may be struggling.

The 10-Point Honor Code is a silent helper to parents who are eager to teach-

  • respectful communication to resolve conflicts without resorting to aggression or violence.
  • Role-playing conflict resolution scenarios and discussing different strategies for peaceful problem-solving.
  • Build strong friendships based on trust, honesty, and mutual respect.
  • Recognize the importance of diversity and how it enriches our communities and lives.
  • Lead by example and demonstrate the values of kindness, respect, and acceptance in your words and actions.

Toley Ranz Workbook Activity was created to assist children in  group projects or games that require teamwork and cooperation among all participants demonstrating positive behavior and its impact on others.

The Workbook guidelines can be reinforced through interactive discussions, role-playing exercises, and other engaging methods to help children internalize the principles of the Toley Ranz Stops Bullying program and apply them in their daily lives at home, in the classroom, and during play. Toley Ranz Program is a life style that improves children’s emotional well-being and mental development.