TOLEY RANZ Stops Bullying: Sammie’s 3 Purple Pencil Stories (HARDCOVER)

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This TOLEY RANZ 3-in-1 storybook combines the entire “Purple Pencil” series. These three self-uplifting and feel-good stories tell Sammie’s struggle to believe in himself and face bullying.

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What to Expect: Self-belief, bullying, difference, tolerance, and healthy relationships.

There are plenty of stories about bullying in the world, full of advice about how to put an end to it. However, what makes The Psst-Psst of Toley Ranz books unique is that they empower readers to stop bullying before it starts—prevention is the name of the game.

Sammie loves his purple pencil, but it is very different from the pencils the other children in his class use. They all use yellow pencils and laugh at Sammie for having a pencil that is so different. Even though Sammie gets good grades with his pencil and thinks it is very beautiful, the teasing is so hurtful that Sammie is ready to throw his purple pencil away. That’s when he hears it… psst-psst! The whisper is coming from Toley Ranz, a mysterious character who turns up with words of wisdom just when Sammie needs them the most. With the help of Toley and his whispered words of encouragement, Sammie will find the courage to stand up for himself! 

In this three-book collection, readers will learn how to listen to their inner voices to know their own minds, believe in their choices, and understand others. With relatable characters, colorful cartoon illustrations, and simple language, the stories are full of positive affirmations and practical modeling of how to build self-belief. 

The Psst-Psst of Toley Ranz is a great learning resource, perfect for SEL classroom discussions.