TOLEY RANZ Stops Bullying: Sammie’s 3 Purple Pencil Stories (PAPER BACK)

$ 14.99

This TOLEY RANZ 3-in-1 storybook combines the entire “Purple Pencil” series. These three self-uplifting and feel-good stories tell Sammie’s struggle to believe in himself and face bullying.


The Whisper of Right and Wrong with Toley Ranz are stories about a little boy named Sammie. Sammie was like any other kid – he loved playing soccer, writing, and drawing with his favorite purple pencil, and dreaming big dreams. But Sammie had a challenge – he faced bullies at school who made him doubt himself.

This colorful kindle version lets any child explore their own imagination. As they see the individual characters jump on the pages, they learn that one day in class, while Sammie was writing with his favorite purple pencil, when the bullies showed up and laughed about the sissy color of his purple pencil. They taunted him and calling him names. Sammie’s heart sank as he watched other classmates stand by silently, unsure of what to do. Feeling defeated, Sammie decided to give up on playing soccer altogether. He retreated to staying home with his mom and helping her, his eyes brimming with tears. That’s when he heard a soft whisper, almost like a gentle breeze, but it seemed to come from within him. “Psst-psst,” the whisper said. Sammie blinked, surprised. “Who’s there?” he asked, looking around, but there was no one in sight. “It’s me, Toley Ranz,” the whisper replied. “I’m your inner voice of right and wrong, here to help you through tough times.”

Sammie listened intently as Toley Ranz spoke to him, reassuring him that giving up wasn’t the answer. With renewed determination, Sammie decided to stand up for himself and his passions. He wiped away his tears and marched back onto the classroom, ready to face the bullies once more.

Later in the week when Sammie approached his classmates on the field, the bullies sneered at him, but this time, something was different. Sammie held his head high, a glimmer of confidence shining in his eyes. Instead of cowering in fear, he boldly spoke up, telling the bullies how much his purple pencil meant to him and how their actions were hurtful. He even asked them to play soccer with him.

To Sammie’s surprise, the bullies stopped their teasing and listened. They saw the courage in his words and the beauty of his passion for art. Slowly but surely, they began to change their ways, realizing the impact of their actions.

From that day on, Sammie became a beacon of strength and kindness at school. With Toley Ranz by his side, he not only stood up for himself but also showed others the power of empathy and understanding. And as for his beloved purple pencil, it became a symbol of resilience, reminding Sammie that even in the face of adversity, he could overcome anything with the whisper of right and wrong guiding him along the way. The kindle version book are marvelous travel companions and gift for kids of all ages.