Bullying and extreme teasing
have long-term, damaging


The Toley Ranz Program BEFORE Approach

anti-bullying organization

The root causes of mass school shootings are found mainly in young children’s emotional trauma, which can lead to “mass shooter traits”. The alarming surge of these horrific attacks calls for the BEFORE approach in young children’s emotional development.  

Childhood trauma (extreme bullying, abuse, neglect) strongly point to be the roo cause of these horrific actions.

We help prevent those tragedies by reaching our children BEFORE their emotional well-being is at risk.


Early Childhood Trauma, such as

  • Poverty
  • Neglect and psychological, physical, or sexual abuse
  • Domestic violence or intimate partner violence
  • Community and school violence 
  • Natural disasters, Military family-related stressors
  • Bullying, extreme teasing


Those are indicators that can lead to anxieties, fears, depression, and emotional health issues, destroying a child’s happy school years. 

The ‘Toley Ranz BEFORE Program’ is specifically designed 

to learn HOW TO STAND TALL against fear and anxieties 

BEFORE bullying can take place

The TOLEY RANZ PROGRAM fosters Children’s Sense of Self
to rise above negative influences and blossom into
emotionally healthy youngsters and teens.