TOLEY RANZ Social Skills For Kids: Book to Teach Kindness & Empathy in LA, Baltimore, & Phoenix

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Young Children

Securing Emotional Health and Social Skills Through

  • Self-Belief & Thoughtful Awareness
  • Books to Teach Kindness & Empathy 
  • Innovative Strategies at Home and in Class
  • Countering Bullying through ‘Before’ Approach
  • Resources for Bullying Victims in LA, Baltimore, & Phoenix
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The Toley Ranz program teaches and implements

pro-social skill values BEFORE those phrases are necessary.

Groundbreaking Pro-Social and Counter-Bullying Program for Kids

teaches coping & life Skills BEFORE negativities set in.


for self and others, it is LOVE for honor and respect, and- it is THE awesome Social-Emotional Learning Tool Advancing Equality, Social Skills, Diversion, and Inclusion Through Kids’ emotional Well-Being
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Hello there- it's me



WOOSH away sadness! Let me show you how to bring in feel-good feelings! Yes, together we can do this:

• Boost emotional Well-being
• Develop productive social skills for kids
• Prevent being bullied

Come Toley Ranz with us! Be happy!

Discover what "toleyranzing" really means!

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Empowering Children’s Books About Bullying

What to Expect: Self-belief, bullying, difference, tolerance, and healthy relationships.

There are plenty of children’s books and stories about bullying in the world, full of advice about how to put an end to it. However, what makes The Psst-Psst of Toley Ranz books unique is that they empower readers to stop bullying before it starts—prevention is the name of the game.

In this three-book collection, readers will learn how to listen to their inner voices to know their own minds, believe in their choices, and understand others. With relatable characters, colorful cartoon illustrations, and simple language, the stories are full of positive affirmations and practical modeling of how to build self-belief and social skills.

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Explore The Children’s Book About Bullying

Pssst-pssst, listen to your inner voice! Meet your own TOLEY RANZ

  • Does Sammie find the inner strength to stand up for what he believes in?
  • Will he keep his purple pencil?
  • Is Toley Ranz every child’s inner voice of wrong and right?


Discover how TOLEY RANZ helps Sammie to overcome fear while standing-up to classmate bullies in our children’s book. The “Pssst-pssst of Toley Ranz” are three delightful, timely stories about bullying that children can easily relate to by learning that self-belief strength comes from within themselves. We offer resources and books that teach kindness and empathy in Los Angeles, California; Baltimore, MD; and Phoenix, AZ. Toley Ranz is a child’s trusted friend in need-indeed!

Contact us online today for books that teach kindness and empathy and resources for bullying victims in Los Angeles, California; Baltimore, MD; and Phoenix, AZ.


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Strengthen Children’s social skills inner resolve, and instill feel-good feelings about themelves

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