Tips for Responding When Your Child is Accused of Bullying


It’s distressing to find out that your child has been involved in a bullying incident, especially if they’re being accused of the behavior. However, it’s important for parents to remember that it’s not the end of the world; bullying behavior is an inevitability at one time or another in a child’s life.


However, there are plenty of collaborative bullying prevention programs out there and tools to help your child understand that they’ve caused harm to someone else and help positively change their behavior. That’s why one of today’s leading bullying prevention programs, Toley Ranz, has collected some insight for parents here.


How Should I Address the Situation When My Child is Accused of Bullying?


If school administrators contact you and tell you that your child has been involved in a bullying incident, asking questions and getting all of the facts is important. However, remain calm. Ask if the incident occurred online or in person and if there’s evidence of it, ask to review it. Revisiting the school’s anti-bullying policy is also important at this stage. Listen to both sides of the story and always keep an open mind.


What is Bullying Behavior?


Understanding bullying behavior is one of the first steps toward stopping it before it grows out of hand. This means you’ll need to have frank and open talks with your child about how bullying affects others, what it is, and why it causes harm. It’s also vital to explain the different forms of bullying, from causing physical harm to cyberbullying. Encourage them to speak up if they ever see bullying happening or they experience it themselves.


The Importance of Open Communication


Your child should feel comfortable communicating with you no matter what issue they’re facing, be it bullying or something else. They should also feel just ask comfortable should you not be around to address their concerns to another adult.


Here are some tips to help guide conversations and foster open communication skills:









Lead by Example When it Comes to Demonstrating Positive Behavior


Children are like sponges when it comes to demonstrating the behavior of their parents, so lead by example and always be understanding, communicative, and respectful. Be clear that bullying behavior, and negative, or disrespectful language won’t be tolerated in the household or outside of it.


The Toley Ranz BEFORE Approach


Toley Ranz provides comprehensive resources and support to stop bullying before it starts.


By teaching children key social skills, such as empathy, The Toley Ranz BEFORE program extends beyond awareness to action by fostering a community of support.


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