Toley Ranz Honor Code

Toley Ranz 10-Point Honor Code Reward Cards for collection is an integral part of the complete Toley Ranz Anti Bullying Organization’s approach to curbing violence among children.

Collecting these colorful cards with each card depicting a different Toley Ranz cartoon image. Remember those are the rewards children can collect according to the stipulations in the Honor code. Those ten points are the guidelines to learn pro-social skills and tools, exercise respect and understanding, and are given for positive behavior, actions, and deeds.

Creating a system to encourage and reward positive behavior, respect, and understanding among children is a fantastic way to foster a supportive and nurturing environment. Here’s a suggestion for implementing such a system:

How it Works: Issuing Reward Tokens: At the beginning of each month, children are given a set of “Pro-Social Skill Cards.” These cards represent opportunities for positive behavior, actions, and deeds and promote social skills for kids.}

Earning Reward cards Throughout the month, children have the chance to earn these tokens by demonstrating pro-social skills, respect, and understanding. This could include actions like helping classmates, siblings, showing empathy, resolving conflicts peacefully, participating in group activities, etc.

Collecting Reward cards: Each time a child demonstrates the targeted behavior, they receive a Pro-Social Skill Card. These cards could be physical tokens or digital points, depending on your preference.

One of the most valuable actions to receive reward cards can be reading the three Toley Ranz books which are available in print, video, and audio. A book report or a drawing regarding the story content can ensure receiving even more cards for the full collection. Then, and only then, children receive the Toley Ranz Certificate. These books are the foundation of the before approach teaching young children how to get through the maze of school days by focusing on their own inner strength, self-belief and respect for self.

Redemption: Once a child collects a certain number of cards (e.g., 10 cards), they can redeem them for a reward. Here are some examples –

  • A day without homework
  • Helping the teacher at the whiteboard for a class period
  • Going for an ice cream cone with a parent
  • Having their favorite meal cooked by a parent
  • Helping an elderly neighbor


Celebration: When a child redeems their cards, celebrate their achievement and positive behavior. This reinforces the importance of pro-social skills and respect within the community.

Continuous Improvement: Monitor the effectiveness of the system and adjust as needed. You may choose to add new rewards, modify the criteria for earning cards, or introduce additional opportunities for positive reinforcement.

By implementing this reward card system, you create a supportive environment where children are motivated to develop pro-social skills, respect, and understanding, ultimately contributing to a positive and harmonious classroom and family dynamic.