Parents' Overwhelming Challenge in This Uncertain World is Teaching Children to Live with Love, Respect, and Elimination of Fears

Clinch Forward Looking Results with State-of-the-Art Set of New Tools

A new set of innovative tools helps forward-thinking parents to remain calm and in control while instilling love, mindfulness, and respect in their children’s soul. At the same time, they are awakening their kids’ curiosity in learning and for life. It’s all about inspiring parents and kids alike.

Now is the time to implement proven practical tools and methods; because so far, nothing else has worked. Now there is the Toley Ranz Method a comprehensive approach to the whole person, parents, and children alike.

Only three simple phases that gently help Parents to

  1. Self-recognition and self-value
  2. Assist in identifying and knowing their children’s emotional needs, and
  3. Using the proven practical tools to reach and teach their children.

So, parents what are you waiting for? Look no further! Stay on our beautiful Toley Ranz site, our click to visit the Etsy shop for all the answers you need to eliminate frustration, anger, and helplessness you and your children might experience during these most challenging times

The first SELF-CARE phase focuses on You, the Parent with the slogan “you come first”; this is essential to caring for Self. No need to feel guilty, because only if you’re OK, they’re OK. Right? You’ll be calmer which allows you to speak more thoughtfully with your kids. Did you now that this can reduce or even eliminate fears in both of you? And then, children will hear their parents and respond to their demands. “Effective Parent Strategy, SELF-CARE needs be the resourceful e-book on your shelf!

In phase two, parents become an ‘emotional detective’ and find out why their children are sad, throw a tantrum, or are listless and unhappy. Do you know what your child needs at that moment? Is it a hug, a gentle word of encouragement, or is it your phone that needs to be put aside, so your child has your full attention? Which one do you need to work on? You are ‘curious instead of furious’.

“I believe that parents can help their kids best by instilling love, self-power, inner strength, and awaken their kids’ inner wisdom, curiosity for learning and Life,” says founder of Toley Ranz.

Phase three is all about Kids. Is it? Parents,

  • Just imagine for a moment how it could feel if you had
    an assistant helping you to ‘reach’ your Kids?
  • And imagine that they even ‘hear’ you?
  • Such a helper, tool and aid is TOLEY RANZ.

This lovable talking plush is your priceless tool and aid in reaching your youngster’s soul. Did you know it can assist you to

  • manifest love, thoughtfulness, and
  • respect as well as valuable social skills in your child?
  • It can function as an ‘alarm system’ of wrong and right
    and allowing your child to open repressed emotions.

Moreover, it can function as their own inner coach teaching to listen to their own ‘gut feeling’; therefore,

  • Toley Ranz’s purpose is being the inner voice,
  • The mediator, and as
  • a ‘hero’ of feel-good-feelings.

Experience shows that Kids share their emotional upheavals easier with Toley Ranz being the third party, than with any close adult.

The Toley Ranz Program is a stand-out method for home and classroom (created to reach children PreK -4) and is the most effective and result proven approach in today’s market.

The Inspiration to this program and the creation of TOLEY RANZ finds its roots in the beautiful and brilliant minds of Anke Otto-Wolf’s six graders at an inner-city school in Norfolk Virginia. Poverty stricken kids longed for inner peace, beauty for the soul, and kindness from an adult. Under her guidance they grew into successful young people. Former President Bill Clinton honored Anke for her engagement with at-risk kids. Those children helped create an after-school activity which developed in today’s TOLEY RANZ Program.