TOLEY RANZ Talking Plush Toy


TOLEY RANZ Talking Plush Toy



Imagine you found THE plush toy for YOUR Child!

TOLEY RANZ is unlike any other plush toy. TOLEY RANZ is special. 

The cuddly talking plush toy is a surprisingly powerful tool helping children learn how they can overcome emotional upsets and stand up for themselves; moreover, the carefully coordinated colors spark kids’ curiosity and influence them in a calming manner. 

  • The must-have toy companion for kids and parents in challenging times
  • The lovable inner coach and self-hero
  • Validating kids’ self-confidence, self-belief
  • And extends emotional security

TOLEY RANZ helps kids eliminate fears, instills security and feel-good feelings, and stimulates kids’ curiosity allowing them to live happily.

IMAGINE this beautiful smile when your Child hears the (talking chip) phrases: “I believe in you, you’re awesome, great job, I am proud of you.”

TOLEY RANZ is YOUR Child’s plush toy. TOLEY RANZ is exceptional.


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