What To Do If My Child Is Bullying Someone?


If a teacher, another parent, or your child’s siblings tell you that your child is involved in bullying someone, it’s time to act. Toley Ranz is here to help correct these behaviors and assist you in supporting your child in overcoming the emotions that lead to bullying others.

Why Is My Child Bullying Others?

Children who bully others are often portrayed as “bad kids,” but in reality, there are many emotional causes for a child to behave disrespectfully toward others. Sometimes well-behaved children get into bullying situations because they want to fit in with a group or seek attention. Sometimes children who are bullied at home or school also become bullies elsewhere. 

If your child bullies someone, it may indicate that they are under pressure, stress, or experiencing anxiety, depression, and difficulty regulating emotions and behavior. 

What Can I Do If My Child Is A Bully?

Find out what’s behind the bullying behavior, and foster healthy friendship skills. Although the situation may cause sadness and disappointment, try to remain calm and avoid blaming your child.

Next, there are some things you can do to help in this situation: 

  • Talk To Your Children: As a first step to taking action, teaching your children to treat others with respect is essential. Try to explain to your children that bullying is never okay and that they should stop. 

  • Understand What Bullying Is: Help your children understand and identify what bullying is and what actions they have taken that are considered bullying. 

  • Help Them Understand How They Are Affecting Others: Children who bully others most of the time do not realize their actions’ physical or emotional consequences on the bullied child. Try talking to them about how they would feel if someone did that to them and explore the bullied child’s feelings. 
  • Cope Ahead: Encourage your children to think of social situations or scenarios in which they can be more respectful. This can help them think about how they would like to be treated and, as a result, they might be more inclusive and tolerant. 


  • Work With The School Or Organization: If your child is bullying someone at school or in extracurricular activities, talk to the authorities about their bullying guidelines and support their decisions at home.

How To Prevent Bullying?

If someone has brought it to your attention that your child is bullying others, it may not be the first time they have done it. Bullying can be prevented by teaching and encouraging children to be respectful, tolerant, and kindly treat others. 

Working on your child’s self-esteem is also essential to prevent this behavior toward others. By giving them positive attention and discipline about what cannot happen again, you can help prevent bullying. 

Teaching children respect and tolerance is vital to building a kinder future for the next generation. The Toley Ranz Foundation focuses on creating programs to help prevent bullying and teaching core values to build self-esteem. 

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