The Importance Of Family Rituals


The family is the first social circle with which children interact. There they take their first steps in learning how to behave around other people and learn fundamental values that will accompany them throughout their lives. 


The family is the most important environment for a child, so building it with love and respect as rules is fundamental for all its members to feel accompanied. Family rituals are one of the most fun and effective ways to build a feeling of togetherness. 


But, have you ever considered what are the rituals within your family? Keep reading and learn how these simple routines can help you foster a calm, caring, and loving environment for you and your children.  

What Are Family Rituals

Family rituals are those special moments and things we share with our family. It is a way of building the family’s identity and making a statement about who you are and what you do as a group. 

Some families connect to these rituals through religion or cultural celebrations. This can be a great way of bonding with your children and sharing values from your culture or religion. Other families create their own rituals, from special activities to a specific form of celebrating birthdays or code names. No matter how big the rituals are, it’s about how often the whole family gets together to share intimate and special moments. 

Family rituals can be: 

  • Code words or nicknames that only you and your children understand.

  • Listening to a song or an artist that you all like. 

  • Cooking together.

  • Sharing dinner or lunch.

  • Making special rules for a sport or a board game.

  • Going on a trip to a particular place together.


Family rituals can come in many forms, and it will all depend on your family’s interests. The essence of family rituals is support and love. 

Why Are Family Rituals Important

Family rituals give your children and family a sense of identity and security. No matter how simple they are, it is about sharing moments and creating memories. Sharing rituals or traditions with your family can help to: 

  • Comfort Children In Unfamiliar Circumstances: If your children feel nervous about an unfamiliar situation (from sleeping somewhere else to moving schools), sharing a ritual before those moments can help them gain confidence to face the circumstance. 

  • Make Your Family Feel That The World Is A Safe Place: Things are constantly changing, and times are unpredictable. That can make us feel unprotected and stressed about what’s about to come. Separations, relocating, or traumatic events can make children feel unsafe. Family rituals can make everyone feel more secure and protected. Sharing these special moments shows parents and children that love and being around people who love you is what really matters at the end of the day.

  • Rituals Strengthen Family Values: Rituals help families and their members build identity, and your children can pass those values to their kids in the future. Rituals create continuity across generations and can help young children to connect with their grandfathers and even family members who are no longer among us. This is essential to build future generations who are kind and responsible to the people they love. 

Love, respect, and tolerance must always be present in your family’s routine, and rituals can help you teach and embrace these values in a fun and loving way to your children. 

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