Stop Bullying In Your Community

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One of the first parents’ and teachers’ concerns regarding children’s behaviors at school and home is how to deal with bullying.


Bullying is a form of harassment and aggressive behavior that usually occurs among school-aged children. Kids who are bullied and those who bully can develop severe and lasting emotional problems that could affect them in the future. One of the characteristics of bullying is its repetition over time and the victim’s feeling of power imbalance. 


Stopping bullying is imperative to building a better future for the upcoming generations, and Toley Ranz is here to help! That’s why the Tolerance Campaign is so important to our community and us. It’s a way to raise awareness in the schools to put an end point to these unacceptable patterns. 


Keep reading to learn more about the Tolerance Campaign!

What Is The Toley Ranz’s Tolerance Campaign?

Tolerance is a fundamental value that we should all put into practice. It is the first step on the road to understanding and appreciating others. 


Teaching children tolerance is essential to raising emotionally and socially healthy people. Learning to be kind and accepting that we are all different and therefore all deserve to be treated kindly greatly decreases the chances of becoming a bully or a victim. 


In July, Toley Ranz launched the Tolerance Campaign to raise awareness in our community about bullying and how we can stop it by teaching and spreading tolerance as a core value. 


The campaign is in partnership with the Camp Verde Community Library. In a safe and quiet library environment, Toley Ranz’s program allows children to feel free to address, explore and learn about their inner strengths and how to protect themselves from bullies through various activities focused on them, their parents, and school authorities. 

How Can Toley Ranz Help Your Community

The Tolerance Campaign, organized by the Toley Ranz Foundation and led by its creator, Anke Otto-Wolf, will be launched for the first time in Sedona, Arizona, where the Foundation is headquartered. 


The Toley Ranz Foundation has been working alongside children, parents, and teachers throughout the nation and especially Sedona for years, implementing programs to stop bullying and encourage children to believe in themselves. The Foundation focuses on helping families and continues to assist in their children’s emotional health. 


On our website and social media platforms, parents and teachers can find free resources and advice related to these issues, besides expanding and helping their communities. 

How You Can Help Toley Ranz

The Toley Ranz Foundation is participating in an unprecedented fundraising effort hosted by “A Community Thrives,” an organization that is part of the USA TODAY NETWORK and Gannett Foundation. This will allow our Foundation to raise funds for our anti-bullying campaign, expanding it to the greater Phoenix area communities and beyond.

Wouldn’t you like to see kids go to school without fear of being bullied? That’s why we’re asking you to help us reach our goal ($3k for eligibility for a grant up to $100k) with a generous gift. You can donate to the Toley Ranz Foundation 4 Tolerance Campaign on the Community Thrives website. Every contribution counts! 

All donations go to our Toley Ranz Stop Bullying Campaign for safe library spaces; there,  children are allowed to feel free to address, explore and learn about their inner strengths and how to protect themselves from bullies.

Your donations and support help the Toley Ranz Foundation to spread the word, reach countless people through your social media links, and reach the hearts of those who want to see our children grow up emotionally healthy. 

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