PSST-PSST! Meet Our Founder: Anke Otto-Wolf

Toley Ranz was not born by chance! This unique program now focused on the emotional well-being of young children, found its inspiration in the beautiful and brilliant minds of the children Anke Otto-Wolf taught. From experience she gained over the years, Anke built the grounds for the Toley Ranz Foundation, one of the most successful children’s programs 🧩
Anke Otto-Wolf is an award-winning author, shamanic life coach and veteran educator who combined her life coaching wisdom and vast teaching experience to create Toley Ranz. Anke’s program offers educational content on social issues that can affect children, while providing various tools that help parents, grandparents, and teachers better understand how to support children and teach them to stand up for themselves

"I immediately connected with the children and their needs because the poverty of their soul reminded me of my own formative years in Germany" said Anke Otto-Wolf

Anke’s passion allowed her to pass on to her students what they needed most: a positive self-image connected to love of life, self-confidence, and self-respect to counter poverty and violence in their lives.

How was Toley Ranz born?

The grandmother of seven shared that to facilitate her students’ understanding of the concept of self-esteem, this dedicated teacher created a whimsical cartoon character that represented that deep inner voice of wrong and right. This innovative approach made it tangible for “her children.”
Anke’s students quickly related to the character, and “What would Toley Ranz do or say?” became a guiding question toward self-esteem.

In the story “The Purple Crayon,” Toley Ranz, the gender-neutral character who speaks to all the children, appears in a bright light that encourages Sammie to listen carefully to her inner voice and stand up for what she believes in. Sammie finds the answers within himself by listening to Toley’s whisper, “psst-psst, listen…. I believe in you, you’re amazing, great job.”
This story about a grandmother’s determination to help children is unprecedented for today’s times. It clearly shows that we can overcome even the deepest fears with the right guidance.
It is no secret how it is done. It is Toley Ranz, the mediator, the go-between, the tool, and the pedagogical aid that maneuvers through today’s maze of violence, hatred, and insecurities.
Credits to Anke Otto-Wolf
Anke Otto-Wolf has won awards as author and founder of the Toley Ranz Stops Bullying program. The latter led to her being nominated for the “President’s Service Award,” which Anke was honored by former President Bill Clinton
Toley Ranz is expanding with storybooks, an Etsy store, videos, podcast series, television appearances, and translations into Spanish and German. The Toley Ranz Foundation was founded in 2020, and Anke Otto-Wolf is the executive director.
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