TOLEY RANZ 3-in1 Purple Pencil Stories (FLIP)


TOLEY RANZ 3-in1 Purple Pencil Stories (FLIP)



Psst-psst, listen… says Toley. 

This beautiful storybook combines the entire series of the three books: Meeting Toley Ranz, Sammie’s Big Decision, and A Goal for the Purple Pencil.

 It tells the story of Sammie’s struggle to believe in himself and face bullying in class and on the soccer field. He loves the color and wants to keep the Purple Pencil. How will he react when his classmates tease him and call him a “purple weirdo”? Is he ready to listen to his instincts and Toley Ranz’s Psst-Psst?

Find out how Toley Ranz helps Sammie deal with bullying, finds new friends, and shares with them about listening to their own instincts and gut feelings of right and wrong and to Toley Ranz’s “Psst-psst.” An inspiring storyline for the whole family.

This Bundle Includes: 

  • The Tales of Toley and Sammie Purple Pencil Series (Flip – Digital Book)
    • Meeting Toley Ranz
    • Sammie’s Big Decision
    • A Goal for the Purple Pencil


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