Normal Childhood Fears

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Fear is a normal emotion in most children. Even as adults, we are afraid of many things. Things that are new, big, loud, or different can cause fear, but they can easily be turned into excitement and happiness with a little help from those who love you.


Toley Ranz is here with some tips on how to help your children overcome some common fears. Keep on reading to find out! 

What Are Children Afraid Of?

This is a tough one. What are the most common fears among children? What are children usually afraid or scared of as they grow up? 

  • Strange Faces: Children about 8 or 9 months old begin to recognize people’s faces. That’s why new people or people they don’t usually see can cause them fear. 

  • Separation: Toddlers can develop a fear of separation from their parents, even at bedtime. This is common between the ages of 10 months and 2 years. 

  • Imaginary monsters: Children often begin to fear monsters or the idea of them being hidden in the dark when they start to develop their imagination, making it sometimes difficult for them to tell what’s real and what’s not. 

How To Help My Children Overcome Fears

Luckily, as parents, we can help them overcome these fears and turn them into laughter or excitement.

  • Create Bedtime Routines: Reading a story or singing a song can be wonderful aids if your children struggle with bedtime fears. These activities can help them relax and sleep better. 

  • Help Your Children Get Used To New People: If they are meeting a new face, hug them to reassure them that everything will be fine. Children are just starting to discover the world, so give them time to adjust to new people.
  • Comfort Your Children: Words like “It’s okay, you’re safe” or “You’re with me, everything will be okay” can relax your children, and help them feel supported by you. This will help you bond with your children so they can see you as a safe space they can reach when they’re afraid. 

  • Face The Fears Together: Encourage them to face their fears and do it together! Check if there are monsters under the bed or in the closet and show them everything will be alright. 

  • Give Them Their Space: If your child has separation anxiety, you should work through it together step by step. At first, you can separate for short periods of time and then build up as your child tolerates and adapts to the situation. It is very important to achieve this before your children start school because it will help them relate to their peers and attend classes knowing they will always return to you. 

  • Prepare Together For New Challenges: If your child is facing a new challenge, such as starting a new school or a new activity, you can both prepare together and talk about it so that your child is excited rather than fearful.

Toley Ranz is here to help parents raise fearless and strong children who can overcome those things that scare them as they grow up. Our ultimate goal is to help children and parents feel safe and confident!

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