Let’s Stop Bullying Together!


Bullying is a problem that involves parents, teachers, and other school authorities, and it certainly affects children all around the world. 


For many years, The Toley Ranz Foundation has worked alongside parents and teachers of the Sedona community, creating free-fear spaces where children can develop self-esteem and learn how to stand up for themselves against bullying. 


Nowadays, we have the opportunity of continuing with our mission not only in Sedona but in other communities around the country. 

What Is The Toley Ranz Has Something To Say Campaign?

Recently, we reached out to the community with our Toley Ranz 4 Tolerance campaign, where we asked you to help us in the fundraising hosted by A Community Thrives. Over the last month, thanks to all of you, we reached the $3000 goal we needed to start expanding our anti-bullying campaign to more libraries around the country. 


But we have decided to go further. We want to reach out to virtual communities and spread our voice and that of millions of children as far as possible. That’s why The Toley Ranz foundation has been working on a new project called Toley Ranz Has Something To Say! 


This campaign consists of a collection of 625 unique and randomly generated Toley Ranz NFTs, and like every child, each piece is different and has its own personality, preferences, and passions. Every piece sold will help Toley Ranz 4 Tolerance campaign to expand our purpose. All funds will help to continue creating safe library spaces for children to feel free to address, explore and learn about their inner strengths and how to protect themselves from bullies.

How Can Toley Help Your Community?

The Toley Ranz 4 Tolerance campaign is a program made by the Toley Ranz Foundation creator, Anke Otto-Wolff. We’ve joined community libraries to foster calm, building a learning environment where children, parents, and teachers can work together to embrace tolerance, self-love, self-esteem, and core values that are essential to every kid and adult life. 


Our goal is to expand this campaign which is currently taking place in Sedona, in partnership with the community library Camp Verde. And for that, we need your help. 

How Can You Help Toley Ranz?

Wouldn’t you like to see kids go to school without fear of being bullied? By buying one unique Toley Ranz NFT, you are helping our foundation to reach your community. Plus, you’ll be the official holder of one—or as many as you want—NFT from the first NFT collection ever created by an 84 years old grandma. Every contribution counts! 


Your donations and support help the Toley Ranz Foundation to spread the word, reach countless people through your social media links, and reach the hearts of those who want to see our children grow up emotionally healthy. 



Go to toleyranz.com/nft to watch our collection! You can choose the one you like the most; as simple as that, you can help us stop bullying. 

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