How To Turn Children Into Bookworms


Reading is a healthy habit that helps develop many intellectual, cognitive, and social skills. But in the TikTok and video games era, how do we turn this from a duty to a funny and entertaining experience?

Why Is Reading Important for Children?

Reading is a crucial part of school and academia, but it also helps children build their identity and define their tastes. If you want to raise your little one into a book enthusiast, here are some tips from Toley Ranz!

  • Read To Your Children: Reading to toddlers is a good idea to start familiarizing children with books from a very young age. Adding a little acting to the story can help your children associate the moment of reading with something entertaining. Then, when they grow up, you take them to public libraries and community reading activities so they can listen to other people reading out loud and meet children interested in reading too.

    Encourage Interest by Sparking Curiosity: Books connect to a TV story, a movie, or to a country. Books let you visit a city, explore the ocean, discover how a basket is made, and the history about far away places.  For example, imagine they watch a movie they really like. When that happens, you can mention that there’s a book about it that comes with more information about the characters, or maybe some of the events that occur in the book are cooler than how they were depicted on the screen. If you do this (and give it the right amount of excitement), they can begin to build interest around reading while watching the cinematograph adaptation. This will also help to the developing of their imagination and reading comprehension.
  • Talk About Books: Talk to your children about books you and they are reading and have them on display so they can physically see the presence of those books. It will also help them understand the act of having, reading, and talking about books as a family ritual.

  • Respect Their Preferences: Sometimes, children might not connect with fictional stories, but they will do with some other kind of books. Whether they prefer to read something from the fantasy, the geography or the sports section, reading is always good!

Toley Ranz Goes Library: Where Can Children Read With Toley?

Toley Ranz encourages children to develop reading habits. If you’re currently in Sedona, we are running our Toley Ranz Goes Library Campaign, where children and parents can attend the Camp Verde Community Library and engage in activities developed by our foundation and the lovely library staff. We are raising funds to bring our anti-bullying programs to many libraries. 


If you are not in Sedona and would like to collaborate, we can visit YOUR community to stop bullying together. Visit and read more about how you can help your community and us!

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