How To Teach Core Values To Your Children


Core values are essential to every person, and teaching them to our children from a very young age can help them settle down and become exemplary throughout life. 


Toley Ranz is here to help you with some strategies to teach your children core values! Keep reading to find out.

What Are Core Values?

Values can undoubtedly change over time and throughout generations. As parents, we can agree that some values we’ve been taught as children might not be the same as today’s core values. 


Core values can be defined as life lessons such as love, honesty, integrity, tolerance, respect, and others that you might consider essential for your children. The importance we give to them makes us who we are, and they are vital because they will be your children’s moral compass and become their voice of reason guiding their lives. Also, they are fundamental to building resiliency and overcoming difficult situations.

Teach Core Values To Your Children With Toley Ranz

Teaching our children core values is a task we do every day without even noticing. In their eyes, we are role models; they always learn from us. But sometimes, the values you’re teaching might need to be reaffirmed if you notice a behavior in your children that doesn’t match those values. 

But also, you can have a memorable time discussing these values with your children. One of the best ways to pass down core values is through games and questions to challenge your children and have a fun time while learning. 

The Toley Ranz Foundation has developed strategies to help your children identify core values. Today, we present activities to learn about Tolerance, Honesty, and Respect. 

  • Learning Honesty with Toley Ranz: You can ask children these questions to teach them about honesty and then explain that this value is fundamental. Even if we make a mistake, the best we can do is talk about it.
  • Learning Tolerance with Toley Ranz: Tolerance and inclusion are essential values. You can ask your children this question and then talk about the importance of treating others nicely, no matter if they differ from us. 
  • Learning Respect With Toley Ranz: Respect and kindness can be taught even through little things. You can discuss these actions with your children and the importance of the little gestures to build respect with family and peers.

You can create your own games and questions to help your children learn and identify core values. Also, you can print the Toley Ranz Honor Code so your child will always remember how to be respectful, inclusive, tolerant, and honest with their environment. 


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