How To Raise Tolerant Children


Tolerance is a fundamental value, and we learn it in many different ways throughout our lives. But the truth is that being open-minded and respectful is much easier if we learrn how to be tolerant from early childhood on. 


In a world with multiple ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientations, political beliefs, and many other diverse options on how to live our lives, tolerance and respect are key to coexistence. 


Toley Ranz is here to help teach your child to be open to new information, and to be respectful to everyone they meet.  That can lay the foundation to raising a more tolerant future generation and a much healthier world they will live in. 

Why Is Tolerance Important?

Tolerance is an attitude of openness, fairness, and respect for differences. It consists of accepting others for who they are and treating them as we want to be treated. Being tolerant and respectful allows us to learn from what makes us different from others and to value their cultures and lifestyles.  

No one is born intolerant. It is something we learn from our environment, especially when we are children. But just as some people learn to be intolerant, we can learn to be sensitive, understanding, and empathetic, ergo being tolerant. 

Respect and tolerance are crucial in society to live in harmony. 

Ways To Raise Tolerant Kids ​

It is never too late to start being tolerant, but the sooner we start, the more likely we will be able to prevent intolerant attitudes in our children. It is critical to avoid behaviors which could promote intolerance and take hold of our children’s minds and hearts. Parents, here are some ways we can teach our children to be more tolerant.

  • Confront prejudices: Teaching our children to be tolerant, takes analyzing our own prejudices. Some ideas come from previous generations and are compromised by how we were raised; this means, we need to be aware of them to avoid passing those prejudices on to our children.

  • Teaching children to be inclusive: Encourage your children to be friends with children of different ethnicities, genders, beliefs, and abilities. Getting out of our comfort zone makes us more tolerant and respectful.


  • Talk about empathy: Teaching empathy and asking our children to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, promotes empathy.


  • Do not allow hurtful comments: Your children might have picked up words that hurt, do not ignore it. Talk to your children about why it is wrong and guide them into positive language.

Toley Ranz stands for respect and love and believes in building a better world for our children and the next generation. In July, we’ll delve into tolerance, why it’s essential to live in peace with each other, and how to teach it to our children.

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