How To Prevent Bullying


Bullying is an awful situation that neither children nor adults should suffer. Bullying can be manifested in many ways, and sometimes, we don’t see it until it is too late. It does not involve only physical or verbal aggression; social exclusion or harassment on the internet are also forms of bullying. 


Luckily, there are ways of stopping these situations and preventing children from getting their feelings and self-esteem hurt. This is essential since growing up in a safe and fear-free environment allows children to become healthy adults. 


Toley Ranz is here to bring teachers and parents some tips to prevent bullying and quickly notice and address it when it’s happening.

Tips For Teachers To Prevent Bullying

Teachers have a fundamental role to play in bullying prevention. Beyond their homes and families, children’s first social environment is the school, making teachers part of kids’ daily lives. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind to prevent bullying among your students.

  • Be Observant: Bullying may go unnoticed while in the classroom, but in areas such as restrooms, playgrounds, hallways, or school buses is where you can see if bullying is occurring. Teachers and school staff should watch closely to detect if bullying is happening among children. If bullying is detected, the teacher shall immediately intervene to stop the bullying and report the incident to school administrators.

  • Involve Parents And Children: The best way to prevent bullying is to talk about it. Children and parents must understand which behaviors are acceptable at school and which are not. Hosting workshops or talks during school hours can help prevent bullying and harassment. These events at school can also help children open up and talk to their peers if they feel they are being excluded or not treated well at school. 

  • Set Rules Related To Bullying: Bullying is unacceptable, and children must be aware of that. Establish rules and negative consequences for those who disrespect their peers. Also, reward positive behavior and kindness among children. 

Tips For Parents To Prevent Bullying

  • Teach Your Children How To Handle Bullying: While keeping respect and kindness as core values, talk to your children about bullying and help them identify and handle these situations. You can practice scenarios to help them develop strategies on what to do if bullying happens to them. 

  • Set Boundaries With Technology: The internet can be a fun space and teach our children many things, but it is also an uncontrolled space, and that is where bullying can occur. If you see your children sending or receiving harmful messages, immediately address the issue and restrict access to the device or internet connection. If cyberbullying occurs with a school peer, talk to the teachers or school staff to solve the situation. 

  • Make Your Home “Bully Free”: Do not allow children to bully siblings or disrespect their relatives. Show them by example that respect and kindness are vital to maintaining healthy relationships. 

The Toley Ranz Foundation is committed to helping parents and teachers to create safe environments for children. Our anti-bullying program is being successfully implemented in many schools, and we hope to continue to grow to help even more children and families. 

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