How To Help Your Children Succeed At School


The pressure to succeed in school can become a burden for our children, especially when they are young or adjusting to the educational system. We all want our children to succeed and get good grades, but if we put too much pressure on them, it can lead to anxiety and negative consequences for their mental health. 


We often translate academic success into good grades, but doing great at school is about learning new skills, thinking independently, and asking questions about the things around us. 


As parents, there are many things we can do to support and help our children do well academically, mentally, and integrally. 

Tips To Help Your Children Succeed At School

Toley is here with some tips to help your children do great at school without further stress and pressure. 


  • Value Their Process: Sometimes, our children make an extraordinary effort studying but don’t get the grades they were hoping for. These are the moments where we must recognize their process and encourage them to do better the next time.

  • Value Goals Over Grades: Children can’t be good at all subjects all the time. Sometimes they’re great at art but not so much at math. Talk to your children and set goals together. Sometimes it is better to set realistic goals for a child that doesn’t get along with a specific subject instead of pushing them to get straight A’s. 
  • Teach Them Study Skills: Introducing your child to study techniques from a young age can benefit them in the future. Whether it is learning with toys, colors, or sticky notes, teaching them different approaches to study can help them feel more comfortable with learning.

  • Get Involved: Knowing the disciplinary policies of your children’s school and their expectations from their students will help you guide your children through the academic and social path. 

  • Foster Healthy Sleeping Habits: Getting enough sleep hours will result in better focus on class and more energy for doing after-school activities. Healthy sleeping habits will help your children concentrate and be in a good mood to learn and share with their classmates. 

  • Help Your Children Find Balance: Plan ahead, so to avoid stress and anxiety, help your children balance their school, family, and social life. You can do this by setting specific times a day to study or do homework, as well as scheduling recreational activities for weekends.

Toley Ranz is committed to helping parents and teachers build safe learning environments for their children. Our mission is to help kids grow up healthy, smart, strong, and emotionally intelligent.

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