How to help your child to overcome shyness?

Shyness is a social psychology term used to describe the feeling of apprehension or lack of comfort that a person experiences when approaching other people, especially in new situations or with people outside the immediate environment.

In most cases, shyness in childhood occurs to a lesser degree, but it can be a major social barrier for some children. At that point parents might want to engage Toley Ranz to encourage their child to communicate. It is also important to mention that shyness is not a problem as such. But what happens when your child’s shyness interferes with their social or emotional development? And how can you help your child?

Are shyness and introversion the same thing? Not really. Social interaction with peers and others can be stressful or overwhelming for a shy child. This shyness can cause emotional discomfort and prevent them from developing the social skills necessary to integrate properly in different groups. Shyness is the tendency to withdraw from social interactions and should not be confused with introversion. Introverts are not asocial or friendless, but they may need less social contact. On the other hand, a shy child may have an outgoing attitude but may not show it out of insecurity or fear of being judged by people.

Here are a few tips to help shy children: As mentioned before, it is important to reiterate that shyness can stem from a lack of self-confidence, a reaction to our environment, previous stressful situations experienced, or even genetic factors. Contrary to what has been thought for years, many of the classic techniques used to “help” these children could worsen the situation.

We compiled some key tips that you could use to help your child cope with their shyness. These should be applied progressively, and you should consider the unique nature of your ‘s situation. – Create opportunities for them to interact with other children – Kindly encourage them to express themselves – Teach them to value their mistakes positively – Recognize and praise their achievements – Do not overprotect them – Encourage decision making and responsibility. Each of these steps can be assisted greatly by employing Toley Ranz. 

It is about IMPROVING our child’s emotional well-being and not about CHANGING anything about your child. It is all about gaining communication and relationship skills and helping them believe in themself. It is fine for children to try different ways of relating, but they should do and say what best fits their own style.


Toley Ranz promotes the inner hero, the one we all have inside. We want your child to be the best possible version of him or herself, and with love, patience, and the right tools, we can make it happen.

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