The Effective Parent Strategy

Parents’ Overwhelming Challenge in This Uncertain World is Teaching Children to Live with Love, Respect, and Elimination of Fears- Clinch Forward Looking Results with State-of-the-Art Set of New Tool.

Parents need help in tackling this overwhelming task. They need a new set of tools in reaching the soul of their children, in teaching them about Love and Respect, and in awakening their curiosity for learning and life. It’s About Inspiring Kids, it’s about guiding them to self-value and self-reliance; and – it’s about being mindful of parents desperately want to raise strong and happy kids

(New York News release November 1, 2021)
Effective Parent Strategy, SELF-CARE The e-book

Effective Parent Strategy, SELF-CARE

The e-book that needs to be on your shelf

Let’s face it- Now is the time to implement proven practical tools and methods; because so far, nothing else has worked. The TOLEY RANZ METHOD is a comprehensive approach to the whole person and reaches you the parents and your children alike.

Three powerful phases that gently help you to tune in to

  1. Self-recognition and self-value.
  2. Assist in identifying and knowing your children’s emotional needs
  3. Using the proven practical tools to reach and teach your kids

So, parents what are you waiting for? Here are the answers to eliminating frustration, anger, and helplessness you might experience during these most challenging times.

Be an emotional detective and become curious instead of furious.

The first phase focuses on you with the slogan “you come first”; this is essential to overcoming the influx of outside influences and caring for strong inner and reliable Self. Emotionally strengthened by such a practice, calming down and thoughtful actions as well mindfully speaking, is a given. That reduces or even eliminates Fears. Then, and only then, will your kids hear you and respond to your demands. Remember- If you can Imagine that your children’s World is filled with love, and Without Fear and Bullies, then YOU DO HAVE the power to make it come true. “Effective Parent Strategy, SELF-CARE” needs be the resourceful ebook on your shelf!

Phase two is all about becoming an ‘emotional detective’- what does that mean? Well, becoming an ‘emotional detective’ is to find out why your kids are sad, throw a tantrum, or are listless and unhappy. Do you know what your child needs at that moment?

Is it a hug, a gentle word of encouragement, or is it that the phone needs to be put aside so your full attention can go to your child? Which one do you need to work on? SELF-CARE is detective work of and into Self, searching and finding answers to one’s own behavior.


Imagine, once you recognize whatever emotional need your child has, you’re able to meet that need. And the result? All the disabling emotions melt away because you are an ‘Emotional Detective’ and have become curious instead of furious. Then, and only then, can Kids use a clear head and reason to comply with whatever demand you have.

Phase three is all about Your Kids. Is it? Just imagine for a moment how it could feel if you had an assistant helping you to ‘reach’ your Kids, to make them ‘hear’ you. Wouldn’t this make bedtime and homework hours a lot easier?

Well, such a helper, tool and aid is TOLEY RANZ. this lovable talking plush TOLEY RANZ is YOUR priceless tool and aid in reaching your youngster’s soul; Toley assists in communicating not only unconditional love, and valuable social skills, moreover it helps children to regain trust in themselves.

Toley Ranz ‘speaks’ motivational phrases focusing on your child. An intimate trust connection between the plush toy and your child permits to open repressed emotions. Toley Ranz represents the still small inner voice of a child and can function as an ‘alarm system’ of wrong and right.

That’s to say your child can learn how to listen to their own ‘gut feeling’, can tap into their own inner coach. It especially is created to reach children PreK to third grade. Moreover, the imaginary character functions as a mediator, and as a ‘hero’ of feel-good-feelings. Kids share their emotional upheavals easier with Toley Ranz being the third party, than with any close adult. Does that sound familiar?

Even though the world around you and your child seems in violent upheaval, in emotional disarray- that very world is in dire need of love, mindfulness, inspiration, and constructive emotional help. Be your child’s hero. Let Toley Ranz help.

You come First! You’re OK, they’re OK.

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