Children everywhere are the wisdom carriers – are the ones who know – tapping into their knowing is to tap into emotional well-being, peace of mind and fear-free living - let’s learn to listen to these amazing souls of our kids

My Story: The Inspiration to this program and the creation of TOLEY RANZ finds its roots in the beautiful and brilliant minds of Anke Otto-Wolf’s six graders at an inner-city school in Norfolk Virginia.Poverty stricken kids longed for inner peace, beauty for the soul, and kindness from an adult.

In Ms. Wolf’s classroom kids were showered with all of the above; in response, the kids blossomed and grew into successful young people. Former President Bill Clinton honored Anke for her engagement with at-risk kids.

These very special children helped create an after-school activity which developed in today’s TOLEY RANZ Program.

Toley Ranz began as the whimsical cartoon character blossoming into the Talking Plush Toy encouraging Kids not to give up, to believe in themselves and their own abilities. Toley Ranz is the protagonist in stories and coloring books, word games.

Your Story: Toley Ranz is any Parent’s or Grandparent’s valuable tool in raising kids in this screwed up world.


“I firmly belief that parents can help their kids best when awakening their kids’ self-power and inner strength by awakening their inner wisdom. This leads to curiosity for learning, and curiosity for life period,” said Anke Otto-Wolf, founder of Toley Ranz.

One of the most constructive and mindful ways that can truly assist parents in reaching their children’s soul is with love, mindfulness and kindness; those values are the most powerful teachers of kids’ self-value and self-belief.”

TOLEY RANZ is not a run-of-the-mill set of toys and books; matter of fact, this innovative children’s program reaches into the world of children with kindness, mindfulness and thoughtfulness. Today’s world lacks those values; yet, they are vital to our kids’ emotional development.

In today’s market Toley Ranz is the standout, exceptional and complete approach to raising kids in a most challenging time.

Be fearless, live joyful with inner strength

  • Imagine reaching your own calm Self and helping your children
  • Imagine being a successful “Emotional Detective”
  • Imagine all hostile, sad, frustrated emotions melting away
  • Imagine awakening children’s curiosity in knowledge
  • Imagine YOUR children HAPPY, FEAR-free, Self-assured and
    emotionally healthy! YOU CAN achieve it. 

Please do not hesitate to call on me, I am here for you:
Anke Otto-Wolf

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