Celebrating and Embracing Your Children's Uniqueness


Just like no two fingerprints are the same, every person is unique too! Every child has their own personality and unique ways of feeling, thinking, and interacting with others. These characteristics can even differ from those of their parents. Just because a parent is shy doesn’t mean their children are too.


There are extroverted, shy, quiet, and restless children, and as parents, it’s important to embrace their uniqueness because that is what makes them who they are and sets them apart from others. Being aware of and celebrating our identity helps to build and reinforce our self-esteem and self-respect.


Toley Ranz is here to provide some tips on how to celebrate and embrace the things that define your children and help them build a solid, self-aware identity!

Helping Your Children Embrace Their Uniqueness

While building an identity is a journey that takes years and involves many processes, and your children may go through different phases based on their age, there are some simple but effective strategies that may seem minor or insignificant but can actually benefit your children’s identity development. 

  • Embracing Individuality: While participating in our community is great, and doing group activities helps kids build social skills and make friends, individuality should come first. Let your child know that it’s okay to have their own preferences and feelings, which may differ from your own or their friends. Make it clear to them that individuality and selfishness are two very different things, and focus on celebrating what makes them unique while respecting others’ individuality.
  • Letting Them Choose: Clothes and extracurricular activities provide children with some of their first and most noticeable opportunities to express their wants and needs. Choosing their wardrobe gives children a chance to shine and promote positive self-expression. The same is true for after-school activities; sometimes, what you imagine for your child may not be what their heart is leading them towards. Let them choose the activity that best suits their style!

  • Learning From Mistakes: Instead of shaming our children for making mistakes, let’s use these situations as learning opportunities. Real growth comes from learning from our mistakes and finding something positive rather than being 100% negative.


  • Working On Your Self-Esteem: Some parents may think that children should be copies of them, but the truth is that even if we raise them and teach them values we consider essential, pretending that they will be similar to us reveals a self-esteem issue on the part of the parent. If we constantly criticize ourselves and point out our “red flags,” our child will internalize that. Becoming a parent is a great opportunity to work on our self-esteem and self-love, so we can help our children become the best versions of themselves.


  • There’s No Such Thing As “Normal”: This is an important thought that both children and adults should always keep in mind. Embracing our uniqueness means that even if we can share with others, being “normal” is not a rule. We must accept and embrace who we are and let our “weirdness” shine!”

Celebrating and embracing your children's uniqueness is an important part of helping them develop a strong, self-aware identity. Encourage individuality, let them make choices, and use mistakes as learning opportunities. Work on your own self-esteem and remember that there's no such thing as "normal." By following these tips, you can support your children in becoming the best versions of themselves and embracing all that makes them unique.

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