Benefits Of Spending Time With Family


Screens have taken up hours in our life, and work and school are essential activities that consume a big part of our daily routines. Spending time with family has become a challenge. Nevertheless, having quality moments with our children is essential for their social and physical development. 


Toley Ranz is here today to talk about the benefits of spending time with family for children and brings you some fun activities to seize time with them!

Why Is Family Important?

For both parents and children, family is a supportive environment encouraging its members to be the best version of themselves. Spending time with family is vital to building common principles and improving mental health and well-being. 


While family is a key part of our lives, it is especially important in the early stages of development; it grows our children’s personalities and they learn fundamental values and lessons. Spending family time with children allows parents to see the world from their children’s point of view, be role models, and learn more about their likes and dislikes. 

Health Benefits Of Spending Time In Family

Spending time as a family has multiple benefits for both parents’ and children’s mental health and emotional development. Everyone benefits from a family unit that practices healthy communication and finds time for each other.

  • Boost Self-Esteem: By spending time with our children, we can teach them self-confidence, communication, and problem-solving skills. Learning about these subjects can help kids understand they’re valued and respected and should treat others that way.


  • Improves Mental Health: Sharing time with our loved ones, especially parents, reduces the risk of anxiety, depression, and other mental conditions. Face-to-face time instead of digital relationships help us create strong bonds and emotional supporting spaces.
  • Develops Well-Behavior: When children spend time with their families and receive positive attention, their desire to continue with those healthy patterns will increase.
  • Reduces Stress: Sharing quality time with our children can help them reduce stress levels. Confiding in their family establishes a healthy environment to talk about complex topics. 

Activities To Do In Family

Spending time together can be challenging for some families due to school hours, work, and many other activities that are part of our daily routine. But we can —and should— always look for opportunities for family recreational activities. 

  • Go Shopping: Shopping time can be used to talk to your children about their day and find out more about their interests. You can also let them do things like choose products at the supermarket, let them pay or talk to the shop assistants. This can help them develop social skills and learn about money and math!


  • Read Books: Reading books together can be a fantastic moment shared before bedtime. Besides, reading comes with a love of cognitive benefits for your children’s development. You can try reading the exciting adventures of Toley Ranz. They are available in multiple formats!


  • Play Games: Words or board games are perfect choices to play together. These games are fun and entertaining for children and adults alike; kids can learn how to play fair and replicate the behavior with their friends. 
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