Bedtime Fears: The Magic of a Cuddly Plush Toy in a Child's Arms

Toley Ranz, the cuddly talking plush toy, is a surprisingly powerful tool that teaches children to overcome emotional upsets and stand up for themselves.

“The presence of a plush toy is positive if the child uses it to validate their confidence,” said Dr. Bianca Camacho, family psychologist. She points out that “if the child has a caring, supportive, and understanding environment, their cuddly plush toy extends that emotional security.”

This premise behind children’s love of plush toys, is very similar to our mission as a foundation: to provide tools and means for children to receive love and respect, to increase their self-esteem, self-confidence, power, and value, and to unlock the potentials they have. As parents, we must ensure that our children grow up emotionally healthy, live without fear, and accept others for whom they are.

A specific plush toy such as Toley Ranz, can influence a child’s emotional development greatly. According to a study recently published on, “children know that a cuddly toy or doll represents a living being and can associate emotions and feelings to these objects. Playing with these ‘friends’ allows children to explore the complexity of their feelings”. This exploration can be both internal and external and question their own feelings and emotions while imagining that they are felt by “other people” (the stuffed animals).

Parents often underestimate the power and benefits of a stuffed animal in a child’s life. Perhaps because they don’t remember the emotional and affective bond they developed with their own toys and how it helped them? In any case, the truth is that the benefits are many. So let’s review some of them:

– They help children take the first step toward independence.
– They help children accept and understand more complex emotions.
– They help children perfect speech and language.
– They help children relate to others.
– They help children gain a sense of control over their world.

So, what is so special about a cuddly toy? Stuffed animals are soft and cozy. These textures generate in the child the need to cuddle and squeeze, improving sensatory intelligence. It is imperative for children’s emotional development that they acquire the skills and confidence for their path in the world with a strong sense of compassion, love, and care for others. We believe that children should have those opportunities to learn to trust themselves and become emotionally healthy adolescents and young adults, starting at an early age with that little cuddly friend Toley Ranz.

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