Who is Toley Ranz?

TOLEY RANZ is a whimsical character representing the most inner voice of every child. In urging kids to listen to that inner voice, Toley Ranz sounds the “Psst-psst” making kids aware of HOW…

  • to listen to her/his own gut-feeling
  • to become aware of SELF
  • not to participate in violence
  • to boost self-esteem to fight off bullies, and accept responsibility for own actions.


  • teaches positive solutions children so desperately need and seek
  • encourages the child to embrace love and respect for self, and understanding for others
  • is the ‘security blanket’ of today’s child
  • represents the inner voice, the instinct, the gut-feeling of every child
  • kids can depend on Toley Ranz- who is always present, dependable and strong

TOLEY RANZ speaks to children with the soft sound of “psst-psst” signalizing that help is on its way when ‘something is up’
the simple sound of psst-psst is the secret and supportive communication tool between Toley Ranz and the child in need

TOLEY RANZ has a unique message! Its communication tool of “Psst-psst” has proven to emerge as THE link to children opening up to Self-Trust and Self-Esteem.

TOLEY RANZ is the trusted friend a child turns to when in despair, at the same time learns about trusting Self and seeking parents’ help.

The Author’s approach to Children’s emotional well-being, joy for learning and boosting self-esteem to fight off bullying, is simple…

“Reach a Child’s Soul – Transform a Life” -Anke Otto-Wolf

What is Toley Ranz About?

TOLEY RANZ is a timely, long-overdue adjunct in educational entertainment.

TOLEY RANZ is a colorful, imaginary character who appears to children in a bright light; whenever a child is in emotional need, he/she can hear Toley Ranz’s awesome psst-psst!

TOLEY RANZ represents the inner voice, the gut-feeling, children’s innate instinct!

TOLEY RANZ is about listening to self and others and making feel-good, healthy, productive choices guiding to positive solutions.

TOLEY RANZ imaginary reality provides the tools to enhance, learn, visualize, think, create, accelerate self-esteem & self-worth & self-discipline, social skills, positive attitudes, and learning abilities.

TOLEY RANZ unique message represents the unshakable belief in self, in “can do”, in personal growth and strength.

TOLEY RANZ is taking care of a child’s soul; it is about finding one’s own psst-psst within; it’s about uplifting language, about recognition of self-esteem and strength, and it is about sharing the psst-psst message with others.

In whichever form Toley Ranz is available (books, plush toys, games, DVDs, CDs, school projects, etc.), it is immediately recognizable due to a brilliantly colored dreadlocks headgear, the trademark whistle and the very audible “Psst-psst”, as well as the soothing musical accompaniment.

The Toley Ranz theme melody (audio CDs / three books), composed by Evren Ozan, an 11-year young, Native Music Award winner (2004), composer and musician, appeals to children when they become aware of the fact that Evren was a child when he created this music.