Parents and Teachers


Bullying is an epidemic –
From teasing in kindergarten to bullying in school to domestic violence in families, and then to sexual harassment in the workplace.

Do you want YOUR child to be part of that statistic? No? Or ‘hell’ NO?! Then get involved, and prevent your child from being part of the 70% of all children who are being bullied. Protect YOUR children and raise them with Toley Ranz. Stand up for your Kids. I do.

Welcome to the World of TOLEY RANZ Stop Bullying Project!

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Dear Parents, Teachers, Grandparents and all who are concerned about “Our Children – Our Future”. I feel your concern and pain; that’s why we, the adults, need to reach into our own emotions and help our kids! Be involved. Take a look at what we offer, share the positive, constructive approach to strengthen children’s self-belief, and most of all, help kids to live without fear, and to stand in their own power. THAT is the answer to conquering bullying: raising strong and self-assured children. Stand up for your Kids. I do.

TOLEY RANZ™ is the strong inner voice through which children learn to be self-aware, enhance their self-esteem, and accept responsibility for their own actions- and learn to stand-up for themselves! It is Kids’ Self-Power.

TOLEY RANZ™, dipped in warm bright light, appears suddenly *in the stories) and only to kids; without being visible to adults, Toley Ranz (TR) conveys the help and solutions children so desperately need and seek; it encourages the child to embrace the love and respect for self, the understanding of others; and TR supports the child’s awareness of the now; TR is the ‘security blanket’ of today’s child; TR is their Secret to a bright future with self-esteem, awareness, and success.

TOLEY RANZ™’s healthy prime color Rasta-look head gear makes this character appealing to children; TR’s wide-open face expresses joy, laughter and love; TR plush toy feels soft, warm and cuddly into every child’s hand and heart; this character represents the inner voice, the instinct, the gut-feeling of every child; kids can depend on Toley Ranz… always present, dependable and strong.

TOLEY RANZ™ speaks to children with the soft sound of “psst-psst” signalizing that help is on its way when ‘something is up’; the simple sound of psst-psst is the secret communication tool between Toley Ranz and the child in need; the psst-psst reverberates wherever children are present.

TOLEY RANZ message has a long-lasting impact on children, families, classrooms, i.e., on society.

WHY Does a Child need TOLEY RANZ?

Because Toley Ranz…

  • reaches a child’s soul
  • listens to Kids and really hears what they have to say
  • takes Kids serious and helps them stop bullying
  • is always there when a child is in need
  • makes kids feel great, powerful, and strong
  • also reaches out to the bullies who sometimes feel alone
  • knows, as kids do, that there IS a way out
  • teaches kindness that goes far beyond negativity

Children who participate in the Toley Ranz project at home and in school are…

  • gaining inner strength and standing up for what they believe in
  • becoming rapidly aware of their self-value and who they are
  • willing and able to change negative situations into positive ones
  • using their newly found self-esteem to see experiences in a different light

Kindergarten teachers were astounded about how quickly the young ones used the…

  • Toley Ranz whisper ‘psst-psst’ as a reminder when others use foul or inappropriate language
  • A ten-year-old girl wrote to Toley Ranz that “every kid should have TR in their heart and mind”
  • A 12-year old student in a Norfolk VA, inner-city school discovered her inner power and faced her abuser
  • In another case, a highly talented boy from the ‘hoods’ became a sought-after child actor in Virginia Opera performances

HOW does your Child benefit from “The Psst-Psst of TOLEY RANZ”?

How many approaches in fighting bullying and trying to keep your children safe, have you already tried? I passionately believe in the approach of reaching a child’s soul with beauty and kindness; nothing is as powerful, I experienced it in ‘inner-city project’ schools. Now, you and your children can benefit from those experiences.

Through a series of stories, audio books, games, interactive material, videos, etc. your child will learn to understand the power of Toley Ranz and its PSST-PSST message, representing a child’s inner voice. Your Child will quickly grasp and understand HOW Toley Ranz works and teaches your child how to take back their power of self-realization.

Profound benefits of change with Toley Ranz Stop Bullying –

  • Losing the fear of being bullied (even winning bullies over)
  • Finding self-value and inner strength
  • Standing up for what they believe in
  • Recognizing negative influences
  • Discovering joy of learning in school
  • Improving communication skills
  • and so much more

Allow me to add this brief note about how far I was able to take ‘my kids’ with the Toley Ranz concept in the classroom (read more). “Norfolk’s inner city schools had continuously bad press in the local media until they were ‘forced’ to report the good and productive change that was happening in the schools and classrooms lead by Anke Otto-Wolf; her self-less involvement as a teacher ultimately lead to her Nomination for the “President’s Service Aware 1996” for which former President Bill Clinton honored her.”

WHAT you need to do to help your Child living a healthy and productive Life…

  1. Be willing to make a change!
  2. Don’t listen any longer to others’ complaints about bullying in schools and on the playground, be pro-active. Protect your child with Toley Ranz. You and you alone can change your child’s outlook on life and their future.
  3. Download the Toley Ranz Stop Bullying App


PSST-PSST, listen Kids, says TOLEY RANZ

The Psst-Psst of TOLEY RANZ is Kids’ inner voice, their alarm system so they are protected when ‘something is up.’ We here at TOLEY RANZ address school violence, extreme teasing, and bullying, in a way not done before. Your Children learn about their own strength and knowledge; discover going to school without fear, and begin a healthy and productive life.

Here are the 7 Basic HOW’s:

1. How recognizing symptoms of bullying in your child is the first step to prevention
2. How teaching children to live without fear points to increased learning abilities
3. How building self-assurance, self-belief will lead to warding off teasing
4. How involving a bully is to his/her advantage and furthers their self-growth
5. How strengthening children’s self-esteem results in improving their knowledge
6. How increasing positive communications keeps children physically healthy
7. How reaching your child’s SOUL IS the answer to all

Let Your Child be a TOLEY RANZ Kid! Live the TOLEY RANZ 10-point Honor Code and be a self-assured Child-