Stop Bullying App


The TOLEY RANZ Stop Bullying app gives Parents, Teachers, and Kids “Stop Bullying” tools at a “click.”


The TOLEY RANZ Mission is to provide opportunities to teach children that they themselves can have the power to boost self-esteem; to build their inner strength, to counter and diffuse bullying. Kids learn how to rise above negative influences.

The Psst-psst of Toley Ranz– A whimsical character representing a child’s strong inner voice through which they learn to enhance their self-esteem, learn to stand-up for themselves, and strengthen their Self-Belief.

WHY do Children need Toley Ranz? Children need to trust in something, in someone when they encounter difficulties at school and at the playground. Kids need an ‘ally’ who encourages and supports them, and who believes in them. And Toley Ranz represents those qualities.

HOW does it work? A Toley Ranz communication tool is with a whispered “PSST-PSST” to get the attention of a child; Toley Ranz speaks to the emotional needs of a child with soft kindness, and visual impact. Storylines introduce Toley Ranz and his “psst-psst” message to Kids.

WHERE can Toley Ranz be implemented? Experience shows that Toley Ranz appeals to kids of all ages. Whether a Child sits in the backseat of a car, or attends a second-grade classroom, or is arguing at the playground for a swing set turn, the emotional support of the Toley Ranz “psst-psst” message communicates steady companionship and Self-Belief.

WHO benefits from ‘The PSST-PSST of Toley Ranz”? Children benefit from the imaginary reality of Toley Ranz providing the tools to enhance learning, visualizing, critical thinking, and it accelerates self-esteem, self-value & self-discipline; additionally, it enhances social skills, positive attitudes, and learning abilities as well.

Parents and Teachers benefit overall, for Toley Ranz is their assistant, their go-between, and mediator as to “what would Toley Ranz say?”