Toley Ranz and the Great Peacemakers Sedona 2017

A Peacemaker is a person who helps to prevent or stop an argument, a fight, and brings an understanding of each other.
Are you a Peacemaker?

TOLEY RANZ visits the Great Peacemakers by Steve Simon; Steve’s art takes you on a journey of international Peacemakers; you’ll learn how they fought for peace, how they do and how they still influence us, and – HOW they found their inner strength to stand up for their belief. Kids and Parents, join TOLEY RANZ!

TOLEY RANZ at Steve Simon’s awesome art exhibit “The Great Peacemakers” in Sedona, Arizona

Watch Toley Ranz and Steve Simon speaking about Fredrick Douglas who said (some one hundred fifty years ago)… “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

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