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The Psst-psst of Toley Ranz

Meeting Toley Ranz (book 1)
features Sammy who loves his purple pencil, but classmates are teasing him terribly about the ‘sissy color’. With the help of the “PSST-PSST of Toley Ranz” Sammy learns about ‘gut-feelings’ of wrong & right’; most of all, he learns about self-belief and self-value. Is Sammy going to keep his purple pencil?

Sammie’s Big Decision (book 2)
In this story, Toley Ranz teaches Sammy how to make a thoughtful decision about not throwing away his purple pencil. Once Sammy learns to firmly believe that the color purple is beautiful, no matter what others say, Toley Ranz shows him how to stand up for himself and his purple pencil. Sammy begins to feel strongly about it. Toley Ranz appears again praising Sammy for his courage and believing in himself. Do you think he keeps the purple pencil?

A Goal for the Purple Pencil (book 3)
Even though Tommy, Mario, and the other kids in class teased Sammy about his purple pencil, he stands up for what he believes in and keeps the purple pencil. Sammy listens to the psst-psst of Toley Ranz, he feels good about himself and wants to show other kids how they can learn that too. Sammy asks Tommy and Mario to play soccer with him; they are surprised, but then, he wins them over and they become friends. Sammy shares his Toley Ranz “psst-psst” with the boys. They, too, learn about understanding others.
And how many kids will they share the psst-psst with?