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Toley Ranz Stop Bullying app helps you recognize Red Flags if your child is being bullied

Toley Ranz Stop Bullying app asks: are you worried that your child is being bullied? Are you aware of any unusual, new behavioral patterns in your child?

The TOLEY RANZ Stop Bullying app assists you in HOW to recognize if your child experiences bullying. At first, changes show up in an unnoticeable manner; therefore, being aware of your child’s daily routine and behavior is essential.
Typical symptoms of changes due to bullying are that your child suddenly behaves differently in routine situations at home, is anxiousness and/or clingy; signs of being listless, and mood swings toward aggressiveness should alert you. Other typical signs of being bullied are sleeping and eating changes, wets the bed, and misses school. Those are the Red Flags that your child is being bullied!

Bullying is an epidemic – From teasing in kindergarten to bullying in school, to domestic violence in families, and then to sexual harassment at work.

Bullying is an epidemic –
From teasing in kindergarten to bullying in school,
to domestic violence in families, and then to sexual harassment at work.

Do you want YOUR child be part of that statistic? No? Or ‘hell’ NO?! Then get involved, and prevent your child from being part of the 70% of all children who are being bullied. Protect YOUR children and raise them with with Toley Ranz.
Stand up for your Kids. I do.

Welcome in the World of TOLEY RANZ Stop Bullying Project
Dear Parents, Teachers, Grandparents and all who are concerned about “Our Children – Our Future”.
I feel your concern and pain; that’s why we, the adults, need to reach into our own emotions and help our kids! Be involved. Take a look at what we offer, share the positive, constructive approach to strengthen children’s self-belief, and most of all, help kids to live without fear, and to stand in their own power. THAT is the answer to conquering bullying: raising strong and self-assured children.
Stand up for your Kids. I do. Teach your Kids to believe in the truth. I do.


Toley Ranz teaches Kids how to stop bullying

Doesn’t it feels so RIGHT when we see strong children who are able to stand up for themselves? So, let’s focus on our youngsters and give them the “STOP BULLYING BEFORE IT STARTS tools to grow up into emotionally healthy young people. DONATE FOR THE APP
Present day society creates fear, anxiety, and uncertainty in families and schools. Did you know that “strength from within” can be taught at home before kids even enter kindergarten? Let us show you how it most likely will prevent YOUR child from becoming one of these stats:
• 90% of students in grades 4-8 report have been harassed or bullied
• 33% of U.S. elementary students reported being bullied often while at school
• 20% of kindergarten students reported being bullied often
BE the action, not the complaint! Find it in your heart- donate. The smallest amount will bring the TOLEY RANZ STOP BULLYING app as an invaluable tool to YOUR children’s school at no cost.



Toley Ranz and the Great Peacemakers Sedona 2017

A Peacemaker is a person who helps to prevent or stop an argument, a fight, and brings an understanding of each other.
Are you a Peacemaker?

TOLEY RANZ visits the Great Peacemakers by Steve Simon; Steve’s art takes you on a journey of international Peacemakers; you’ll learn how they fought for peace, how they do and how they still influence us, and – HOW they found their inner strength to stand up for their belief. Kids and Parents, join TOLEY RANZ!

TOLEY RANZ at Steve Simon’s awesome art exhibit “The Great Peacemakers” in Sedona, Arizona

Watch Toley Ranz and Steve Simon speaking about Fredrick Douglas who said (some one hundred fifty years ago)… “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”