About the Author

Anke Otto-Wolf
2016 & 2017 Global Award-Winner, Author/creator of TOLEY RANZ
Life Empowerment Coach/Shamanic Healer/Founder of Sedona Soul Balance

Anke Buffalo Feather Otto-Wolf is the 2016 Global Award-winning Author and founder of Sedona Soul Balance, a Veteran Educator, and creator of Toley Ranz, the whimsical character teaching Kids Tolerance and Self-Esteem. Anke’s experience with at-risk children has shaped her approach to teaching. President Clinton recognized Anke for her engaging work at inner city schools; awards and more recognition also came from Marion Edelman, with the Children’s Defense Fund.

Anke’s sought after down-to-earth approach to guiding individuals through the maze of Life’s upheavals, and manifesting Soul-Balance and Self-Value, is in great measure the foundation of the TOLEY RANZ message at home, in schools, and at play.

TOLEY RANZ has a unique message and communication tool of “Psst-psst.” This has proven to emerge as THE link to children opening up to Self-Trust and Self-Esteem.

Anke’s approach to Children’s emotional well-being and joy for learning is simple: “Reach a Child’s Soul – Transform a Life.”

My story– Having endured the unimaginable cruelty, coercion, and the loss of personal liberties during the war and consequent division of my native country Germany, my most inner rebellion took place and I knew there must be an out. Yes, those feelings of frustration, helplessness and emotional stress, were a struggle that put me on a journey to find myself. To my utter astonishment, I found myself within me! …read more

The Psst-Psst of Toley Ranz, The Purple Pencil Series
Book 1- Meeting Toley Ranz
Book 2- Sammie’s Big Decision
Book 3- A Goal for the Purple Pencil
Sammie loves his Purple Pencil but classmates tease him bitterly; he even wants to quit playing soccer.. Toley Ranz appears in bright light and says “PSST-PSST listen to your self” and Sammie does; he even wins the others over and they become friends. Psst-Psst, believe in yourself!

Give Your Soul a Gift
a spirited companion for a Journey to Self-Value & Self-Empowerment. In this read you’ll find segments for the stillness in the soul, practical skills and ‘tools’ for everyday use as well as worksheets to manifest a stress-free life in harmony and less emotional burden. BUY NOW

How Many Patches Has Your Tolerance Quilt?
Each person has a personal Quilt of Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes. A more understanding, kinder and “bully-proof” surrounding derives from the willingness to pool those Quilt Patches; increasing Self-Awareness is the anchor for transformation. An ideal read for Parents and Teachers.

My Peace of The Wall
An American life shaped by the cataclysmic events in World History, a personal journey from WWII the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Unification of Germany. The author has “the rare ability to record actual historical facts…her poetry sound like prose and her prose like poetry. Serious readers of post-WWII history are compelled by her writings to admire her genius.” (Dr.W.Wagoner, Chancellor Emeritus, University North Carolina) BUY NOW