Your Child wins over the Bully

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Your Child wins over the Bully

Give Your Child and the Bully! a Chance


Imagine your child comes from school exclaiming “Mom, I played basketball with that boy!” And you, in disbelief, ask if this is the same boy who just recently bullied your child into tears. Yes, it is the same boy.
Remember, you introduced your child to TOLEY RANZ recently?

Your child followed TOLEY RANZ guidelines; and thereby introduced Johnny to those. They both learned that the “Psst-Psst” of TOLEY RANZ gives them the inner strength to overcome fear.
Imagine your child playing with someone who used to be a bully! Give them the chance.
A TOLEY RANZ communication tool is a whispered “PSST-PSST” to get the attention of a child; TOLEY RANZ speaks to the emotional needs of a child with soft kindness, and visual impact.

Award-winning author Anke Otto-Wolf speaks about Toley Ranz:  Click, watch, engage 

Videos, guidelines, activities for parents, teachers, and kids are available on the STOP BULLYING APP:  DOWNLOAD


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