Toley Ranz Stop Bullying app helps you recognize Red Flags if your child is being bullied

Toley Ranz Stop Bullying app asks: are you worried that your child is being bullied? Are you aware of any unusual, new behavioral patterns in your child?

The TOLEY RANZ Stop Bullying app assists you in HOW to recognize if your child experiences bullying. At first, changes show up in an unnoticeable manner; therefore, being aware of your child’s daily routine and behavior is essential.
Typical symptoms of changes due to bullying are that your child suddenly behaves differently in routine situations at home, is anxiousness and/or clingy; signs of being listless, and mood swings toward aggressiveness should alert you. Other typical signs of being bullied are sleeping and eating changes, wets the bed, and misses school. Those are the Red Flags that your child is being bullied!

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