Toley Ranz teaches Kids how to stop bullying

Doesn’t it feel so RIGHT when we see strong children who are able to stand up for themselves? So, let’s focus on our youngsters and give them the “STOP BULLYING BEFORE IT STARTS tools to grow up into emotionally healthy young people. DONATE FOR THE APP
Present day society creates fear, anxiety, and uncertainty in families and schools. Did you know that “strength from within” can be taught at home before kids even enter kindergarten? Let us show you how it most likely will prevent YOUR child from becoming one of these stats:
• 90% of students in grades 4-8 report have been harassed or bullied
• 33% of U.S. elementary students reported being bullied often while at school
• 20% of kindergarten students reported being bullied often
BE the action, not the complaint! Find it in your heart- donate. The smallest amount will bring the TOLEY RANZ STOP BULLYING app as an invaluable tool to YOUR children’s school at no cost.



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